Relying on the upgrading of infrastructure in smart cities, and using the existing urban information resources, LongShine builds a smart city industry internet open platform to facilitate social governance and industrial upgrading, and realize the digital transformation of industries and society. Based on the principle of open sharing, optimize the integration of social resources to gradually create a development environment that conforms to the capital market value orientation and operational rules, and realize the high economic benefit of industrial economic development and social investment development through service operation, data openness, ecological cooperation and social superior resources integration.

Industry Trends

Provide new models and ideas for solving problems

In the process of urbanization, there are various challenges, such as traffic congestion, environmental destruction, resource shortage and difficulty in comprehensive governance。 The original factors of support economic development are gradually weakened under the "New Normal", which needs a new driving force to support economic development, so the institutional reform has become an important driving force for industrial development。

The development of cloud computing and big data provides new models and ideas for solving problems, and it is profoundly change the structure of the information industry and the life of the people, the enterprise production and the government management mode。

Digital City Business Scenarios

Smart Industrial and Commercial

Smart Community

Smart Politics and Law

Smart Security

Smart Traffic

Smart Gas

Smart Education

Smart Industrial and Commercial



Smart Traffic



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