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Bang Dao Technology is an innovative Internet company and focuses on the technology and operation of Internet service platform for public utilities (water, electricity, gas, community property, broadcasting and television broadband etc.). It is committed to promoting the service capability of public utilities and the intelligent management level of household energy. Since established, Bang Dao Technology has been committed to constructing the advanced public utility payment and financial scenarios, building an open public utility Internet service platform, providing professional public utilities Internet operation services, and promoting smart home energy management with the mission of the “enabling everyone to enjoy convenient services” and “enabling families to practice energy conservation”. Bang Dao Technology provides convenience for the general public to pay fees and service experience in daily life, such as water, electricity, gas, community property and broadcasting broadband. It helps the traditional public utilities enterprises to realize the Internet transformation and enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Sunshine Energy is mainly engaged in ecosystem construction of Internet + new energy system, provides a cleaner, lower-cost green energy services for the enterprise and society. It mainly provides the services and solutions such as distributed photovoltaic power station O&M online and offline, large ground station data analysis, electric vehicle TOU leasing, Charging pile operation, road monitoring.

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LongShine Data Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the information services innovation of government enterprises and the Intelligent IoT, and is aspired to become a leading data value creator in cloud computing and big data. LongShine Data takes the smart city industry as the main direction, helps customers explore the data value through advanced technology, methods and tools, and drives business optimization and innovation of city management and industrial services with data intelligence, connects with smart city planning, construction and service operation, promotes the digital transformation of society and industry.

As a platform and product integrator for cloud computing and big data, LongShine Data accelerates the construction of a full-business model from consulting, platform construction to data operation service, provides "city service operation", "industry application service" and "data technology service" around the smart industry ecology by using the technology of "cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile application ".

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LongShine 51yZone is a smart community service platform that integrates with Alipay smart community and DingDing property mobile management。 It is an Internet+ Community Ecology oriented smart community product which is developed by LongShine technology。 LongShine 51yZone adheres to the core concept of "integration, green, co-creation and win-win", and takes Alipay and DingDing as the carrier, makes full use of cloud computing, IoT, mobile Internet and other information technology to promote community intelligence, and create a new community ecology that achieves great harmony in between government, property company, property owners, and merchandiser。

In response to the national "one belt and one road" initiative and playing a greater role in promoting new forms of international trade, LongShine Technology has launched and set up a high-tech company, which is LongShine CloudTrade. LongShine Cloud Trade positions in the field of foreign trade Internet +IT services and DT service providers, focusing on building big data application based Internet + public service window construction and cross-border service trade platform construction. The company adheres to the concept of "facilitating trade in services", through the aggregation of social services resources, provides one-stop service supply chain and perfect solutions for cross-border trade participants.

LongShine Customs is a professional customs service ecological chain platform, dedicated to promoting the customs industry towards to interconnection, intelligence, big data applications software service enterprises. The company gathers more than 10 years of customs information service experience, dedicated to creating an Internet-based customs clearance management SaaS system. The company has become a strategic partner for the government's informatization construction and service in large-scale projects, and is a "single window" business specialist in international trade and an expert in port big data application business.

At present, the company's business covers the whole country, radiating Southeast Asia, has provided professional customs information services for 65 top 500 enterprises in the world.

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HanClouds Technology is located in Wuxi, takes "Power The Industry" as its mission, and "becoming a value-leading industrial Internet platform" as its vision, creates an ecological and open industrial Internet platform, promotes the model of Jiangsu Wuxi, forms and exports cloud-based core capabilities, and promotes the datafication, network, intelligent transformation of traditional industrial enterprises, helps them to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and empower the customers。 Moreover, HanClouds Technology sets up R& D centers in Wuhan and Chongqing to cultivate Wuxi, Jiangsu and serve the national market。

LongShine IntelliCell focuses on R&D, services and product development in the financial field to provide pan-financial services. Pan-financial refers to the enterprises that requiring financial technology-level services, including but not limited to, banking- security -insurance, Internet/consumer finance, pan-financial data eco-enterprises (natural resources - weather, media, environmental protection), and other enterprises requiring financial technology. At present, the company has a number of projects in the financial sector (banking, insurance) and developed a variety of products. R&D products include: intelligent customer service (intelligent quality inspection / intelligent training), self-service intelligent analysis platform, sharing ability platform, etc.

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